Looking to become a quilter? - Join Us

Quilting has been a hobby of many for years and in the US it is a nationwide hobby and continues to grow ever more popular. It has been and still is becoming more and more popular in the UK. We know of quilters based in the UK, they vary in skill level and produce high quality and stunning quilts.

If you are looking for inspirating please visit: www.heartlandquilters.org. The Heartland Quilt Guild has approximately 30+ members from Manchester, and many surrounding areas. They meet once a month to discuss our projects and view a presentation from a local authority. They are a group of quilters of all ages and skill levels. We are always looking for new quilters to share our enthusiasm. Guests are welcome to attend a meeting at no charge before joining our guild. The Heartland Quilters are US based but they can provide a wide range of quilter information to help get you started here in the UK.